2000 SEMA Best Engineered Products.

2000 SEMA Best Engineered Products.
     ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE Precision Technology INC. develops and manufactures advanced wireless tire pressure tracking devices for the global motor industry.

     With more then 22 years experience in the tire pressure measurement expertise, ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE INC. and its sister company Precise Meters INC. are two leading manufacturers of tire pressure measuring equipments and devices in the market.

      ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE started manufacturing mechanical and electronic tire pressure gauges, tread depth gauges and other related auto accessories since 1979. Spotting the needs and potential of real-time electronic tire pressure measuring devices, ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE INC. was founded to focus on advanced electronic tire pressure monitoring system in 1986.

     With years of developments and tests, carefully engineered ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE TPMS and TPMS Wireless are now officially available in our product lines. ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE TPMS Wireless features sophisticated multi-functional LCD display and easy installation process; while ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE TPMS provides low cost, effective pressure monitoring alternative to the automotive industry. Both products deliver excellent quality and industry-leading pressure detection range from 10 to 150 PSI.
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