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   ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE Tire Pressure and Brake Monitoring System offers one of the lowest cost real-time tire and brake monitoring solutions in the market.
How does Tire Pressure and Brake Monitoring System work?

What will happen when abnormal pressure is detected?

When tires are in normal status, green lights will be constantly on. The LED, representing the problematic tire, will blink in red colour when abnormal pressure is detected.
What will happen when brake pads need to be replaced?

When brakes are in normal condition, no signal will be displayed. When one of the brakes needs to be replaced, the LED,representing the problematic brake, will blink in red colour.

ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE Tire Pressure and Brake Monitoring System tracks and reports tire pressure and brake condition in real time. No matters it is a passenger car for leisure or a commercial truck that commutes 10 hours a day, ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE TPMS will :

1. Secure Vehicle Safety
2. Improve Fuel Economy
3. Enhance Vehicle Performance
4. Increase Tire Life

To implement ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE Tire Pressure and Brake Monitoring System on the dash boards, ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE's engineers are ready to customize device's configurations for automotive manufacturers.

Tire pressure detection device will be a compulsory item on new cars manufactured on and beyond year 2003 in the United States.

To implement ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE Tire Pressure and Brake Monitoring System on the dashboards, factory-ready kits are available to automotive manufacturers.


Simple tire position calibration
Real-time display of all tires condition
Under pressure visual warning signal
Factory pre-set pressure detection value
4 - 24 wheels versions are available for vehicles of all types
Compatible with more than 90% rims and tires in the market
One of the lowest cost, high-performance real-time tire pressure detection device in the market

Where are the sensors?

   ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE engineers custom configure pressure levels for specific vehicles types and models before product delivery. A sensor is screwed onto the rim of a tire and transmit data to the receiver mounted on the brake shoes

Technical data

Model Number: C6005
Pressure Measurement Range: 10 to 150 PSI (Factory Pre-set Pressure Value)
Transmission Frequency: 400k Hz
Power Supply: 12 volt / 24 volt for commercial vehicle
Operating Temperature Range: -40 - 120
Pressure Accuracy: +/- 2.0 PSI
+/- 3
Number of Detection Sensors (Tires) Supported: 4 to 24
Standards: FCC, Industry Canada Approved

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